The Trading System: THE EAGLE FLYING – FX BALI TRADER  :  – Conservative – Medium Risk Appetite

Custom Designed EA trading across 28 pairs using 3 different Strategies. Placed on a NON EXPIRE ECN Account With Pepperstone and trade Copied to LIVE Accounts to Avoid Broker Manipulation. Brokers do not look at DEMOS, so we adopt this method to avoid any interference!!!

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Trading Requirements

✔ Metatrader MT4 – Latest Version
✔ Leverage: 1:100 Minimum ==> The Signals Account is on 1:500 Leverage (Risk Appetite is Conservative Moderate Aggressive )
✔ Account Type: ECN, STP
✔ Minimum Traded Lots = 0.01

Money Management

Recommended Lot Size Calculations

Lot size is one of the most important things that every trader needs to get right to be successful. If a trade position is too large for your account balance then you can get wiped out in an instant especially if the market is moving quickly. Your nominal position size depends on the amount of money you have in your account.

We recommend 0.02 lots for every $500

Broker Requirements

To receive our signals accurately on your account, we advise only ECN, STP accounts with low spreads and fast executions. Please click on PEPPERSTONE to register a live account ( ECN ) so you can receive trades identical to our master account. There will always be some sort of slippage but to minimise this ensure your account is on a VPS also.

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